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I'm a writer and an author, and so is my cat, Sparkle. I co-authored Lemmy from Motorhead's autobiography, White Line Fever. I was a rock journalist from around late 1986 through the early 2000's (not sure I've stopped doing it, as a matter of fact). I decided I was getting too old to run around discovering new rock bands (what rocker with any sense would want to spend time with some chick who is practically old enough to be his mom?), so I decided to write about fitness for a while. I still have one site on this topic,, because I get exercise DVDs for free, but honestly, the world of fitness is not a good fit for someone who wears black eyeshadow, stays up late and is not exactly a team player. So instead I've decided to go back in time, dredge up all my old rock writing, pull out my diaries and work on my memoirs. In the meantime, I plan to take my 600 pages of fitness content and use them for information marketing — let that, and Sparkle, pay the bills for a while.


Living on the edge emotionally while staying fit physically; vintage film, especially American silent and pre-code features and comedy shorts; ecology; saving the planet; cats; other living creatures; the Dalai Lama; Tetragrammaton; making loads of money and giving the majority of it away to worthy causes